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Eslbomb is the answer to every boring and irrelevant English lesson you have ever endured.  We are of the belief that it is important to learn a language in a way that is intrinsically motivating and helpful.  Gone are the dry passages and irrelevant audio programs.  We teach you mainstream English with all the inherent colloquialisms and cultural references.

Why do English lessons eschew television?  It is the most powerful medium we have and helps convey emotions and your understanding in ways that print and radio can’t.  Is the content we find on television too entertaining to be considered academic?  We vehemently say ‘No!’ and promise that what you learn through regular television programming is more useful than the same lessons you are relegated to repeating in the normal ESL environment. 

Furthermore, psychologists have found that children who have watched more television by the time they start school, are judged by their teachers and others to be more socially well-adjusted.  That’s what we want.  It is difficult enough for many international students to fit in with their native counterparts; we hope to make this easier by making you more well-adjusted to our language, colloquialisms, sarcasm, facial gestures, body language, and of course, humor. 

Humor is among the most difficult things to grasp in any language.  As a language learner myself, I know how hard this can be.  Having lived abroad, I’ve met people who have come to understand our humor but still struggle to create it.  As an ESL teacher in San Francisco, I’ve had many students who are beyond this step, and can be genuinely funny in English.  I love seeing such hard work pay off for these students and it has definitely made their lives in America better.  However, I know it could have been done more easily.  That’s why, I made these lesson plans to correspond to television situation comedies (sitcoms). These shows have run for years, showing their success and popularity among American viewers.  Some have been syndicated (shown in repeats on other TV channels), which is the Holy Grail of television success in America.

Above all this, I hope these lessons help you with such tests as the TOEFL.  How many times have you heard to listen for the speaker’s “tone” while studying the listening section?  Watching and understanding these sitcoms should help with that.  Although comprehension is of supreme importance, many questions are modeled with the TOEFL format so that you may feel more comfortable on such exams.

I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I do and I hope your life is enriched by them and by your studies.  Feel free to leave any feedback for me, this goes for teachers as well.  I’ll also try to answer your questions on the discussion board.

Again, enjoy and thanks for visitng!


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